Designing Sketch's Website

Published on Jul 16, 2022
Started middle of October 2021 as a Web Designer, and in the span of the first month, moved up to Lead Web Designer. I'm now responsible for the design of the Marketing Website and leading two other great designers — Osvaldas Poviliunas and Facundo Montanaro.

Below are some of my favourite pages that I designed or helped design... so far!

Apps Page

The structure is very similar to the previous version of this page, with the old branding. We've mainly expanded on the new iPhone app section, applied the new brand and revisit the copy.

Noticed the September 7 date on the Calendar app icon on the first image, it's the Sketch's anniversary date!

Beta Page

We've reused some of the previous page's elements, for example, the Sketch Beta logo animation, and applied the new branding to the rest of the page, while creating some new components like the board of cards.

Downloading Page

This one has a nice little touch where if you change to dark mode on your macOS, it will change the image of Sketch's macOS app to dark mode. Neat small detail. Try it out!

Improved Homepage

Copy was adjusted and new sections were added, like the What's New — this one serves to highlight any new additions to the product.

New Navigation

Worked on expanding the navigation to scale with all the new pages coming. Exciting times ahead for Sketch!

Competitors Pages

Competition is fearless, with Figma gaining a lot of traction and Adobe XD having the Adobe Suite advantage. These pages aim to compare Sketch with the competition. We've come up with this simple layout with a pinch of design magic as you scroll.

Prototype Page (New)

This is a fresh new page! It aims to highlight our new prototyping features. We have real prototype demos, new features like Overlays, and much more! With new things coming in the next few months.

Ctrl + L to toggle the layout columns

All the pages above (except the Homepage) feature the layout easter egg. If you do Ctrl + L on macOS or Ctrl + shift + L on Windows, you will toggle the layout columns and have a look behind the scenes on how we are aligning the elements on the design.

More pages under wraps!

Will be updating this with more designs as we launch them. Stay tuned!
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