May 7, 2023
Douro Love Tiles Granfondo (8º Edition)
Choose the Mediofondo distance — 103km, 1822m elevation.
Really enjoyed the climbs. I think I might be a climber! Though I have no idea how I perform over high altitudes just yet.

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Apr 7, 2023
Porto to Montemor-o-Velho
Started in Porto, caught a ferry in Aveiro, climbed a small mountain in Figueira da Foz, finished in Montemor-o-Velho. That's 180km in one go! More than 7 hours of cycling time, almost 12 hours in total.

Bike was around 15kg which is almost double its normal weight. There were moments of grueling straights of old pavement roads with headwinds, but then amazing moments of just pure freedom with beautiful views!

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Apr 2, 2023
Porto Gaia Granfondo (2º Edition)
Went for the Mediofondo this time — 102km, 1664m elevation.
Finished 100th out of 123 in my category. Not great but it was the most I ever climbed in one go. Very proud! Took 4h11, including some stops. Stopped two times to eat on the designated places they had through out the route, and stoped another time, near the end, because of a right leg cramp.

This event had the participation of World Cycling Champion, Alejandro Valverde. Had the pleasure to have him pass by me and cheer me up during the race!

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Mar 19, 2023
Viana Granfondo (1º Edition)
My first cycling event. Did the Minifondo, which was the smallest distance (62km, 800m elevation).
Finished 50th out of 86 in my category. Took 2h20, around 39 min more than first place.

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Feb 11-12, 2023
First Bikepacking, Porto <> Moledo
We were a group of 4. My bike was weighting around 13-14kg.
Feb 2023
Bikepacking Gear Test Run
Jun 2021
First Road Bike
Bought my first bicycle, an old restored road bike, from a Porto local store, SUB 954.