Amazon Dating
Nice one.
Scientists have found eyes with a new type of colour receptor
As a designer, I need that fourth cone cell pls.
Whimsical company philosophy
This is a UX tool that helps you create flow maps, wireframes, mind maps, etc.
68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice
Some very helpful guidance.
Reunited Apart — LOTR Edition
The cast of Lord of the Rings reunited via a Zoom call. Great stuff.
MacOS Icon Designs
There's also an iOS gallery and a WatchOS gallery.
Remarkable 2
This video just makes you wanna buy the damn product!y.
That Portfolio Book
Dann Petty's latest project.
HTML Arrows, Symbols, etc
I keep forgetting about the random usefulness of this website.
Shopify Polaris
Great design system with access to their sketch files.
A go-to for finding new fonts inspiration.
The Futur
Great design & business related YouTube channel.