Website 1.0

Published on May 6, 2020
This website was probably 4 years overdue.

Apparently my brain was just waiting for the work from home worldwide curfew to finally take the time to explore what my website could be and what it could become. Gotta say that I got more brainstorming done in these last few weeks than the last 4 years. Insane.

More than a website

At this point is not really much, but it's also a blog. Writing was always something I wanted to do but in my own terms. Meaning my actual own blog space, without the applauses, likes or any other distracting elements.

Writing isn't my strong suit and that's exactly my point.


This was created on Webflow which is a tool that I've already tried in the past but never bother to give it a real chance. When faced with the idea of making my own website this was a great opportunity for me to introduce myself to Webflow.

So far, this has been a good learning experience, not only for the tool that it is and what it allows but also from a perspective of better understanding how websites are logically laid out from a front-end view.


Since I couldn't decide what direction to take (surprise, surprise) I took a big design slice from Arun.is website to get things going. This way I was able to create this in a day and without even making any design on Sketch or similar — with the exceptions of the thumbnails and images — it was straight up designed on the fly when implementing it on Webflow.

This left me to focus on the content.

Essentially, this is the website's MVP and I'm going to treat it as a product moving forward and make use of an "incremental correctness" approach to add new features or make small adjustments as I feel they are needed.


Some small references are in order here. This small website was very much inspired on the following personal websites:

Thanks for reading.